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List of National League pennant winners

Each year, a National League team wins the pennant, representing they acquire the right to play against the winner of the American League at the World Series and that they are its winner of the league. In addition to this pennant, the group that wins the National League playoffs receives the Warren C. Giles Trophy, named after Warren Giles, who was the league president in 1951 to 1969. Warren’s son Bill Giles, the honorary league president and owner of the Philadelphia Phillies, presents the trophy to the National League winner at the conclusion of every National League Championship Series (NLCS); the current National League pennant winners are the Los Angeles Dodgers, who won their own second-consecutive NL pennant in October 2018.
For the majority of the history of the National League (94 years), the pennant was introduced to the team with the best win–loss record at the conclusion of the year; the first modern World Series was played in 1903, and after a hiatus in 1904, continued until 1994, when a players’ strike forced the cancellation of the postseason, also resumed in 1995. In 1969, the team split into two divisions, and the groups with the top records in each division played one another in the NLCS to determine the pennant winner; the arrangement of the NLCS was transformed from a best-of-five into a best-of-seven format for its 1985 postseason In 1995, an additional playoff series was added when Major League Baseball restructured the two divisions in each league into three; as of 2010, the winners of the Eastern, Central, and Western Divisions, as well as one wild card team, play in the National League Division Series, a best-of-five playoff to Find out the opponents who’ll play for its pennant

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